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Welcome to Jason Fournier Photography. I specialize in documentary, environmental, and architectural visual storytelling with a soft spot in my heart for unique portraiture.

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Burnt Lands

Having woken up early on Saturday morning and not able to go back to sleep, I hopped into the car and headed west.  I wasn’t entirely sure where my destination was going to be but when I’m in doubt 9/10 lately I’ll take a right at the highway on-ramp.  It’s been good to me over the past year or so.  This Saturday morning was no exception.

Being the start of Autumn I figured there would be fog somewhere.  It was 5C when I left at 5am and it still makes its  way to the 20s during the day.  Lots of moisture build, especially in marsh areas.  There was one road I recalled from a previous trip in August that I decided to drive along.  I didn’t exactly recall the vast expanse of dead trees in a bog that is pictured below but I was quite happy to have ‘found’ it.

I’ve had the fortune to find a few foggy mornings in the past couple of months and am figuring out how I like to both shoot and process the photos.  My next step is to introduce a figure in the picture (likely me, to start) and see how well I can expose the scene and keep the detail I need in both foreground and further in the distance.


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Foggy Days

On a recent scout for a local home builder I had the opportunity to drive around Chelsea, PQ in the early morning while I waited for the sunrise.  Little did I know that the fog would never really lift (for the next 3 hours) – my shoot was not going to happen but I was granted a fog show that many only dream of.  I have quite a few shots of various scenarios as I drove around but the ones here stuck out for me because of the highway lights.  It was about 5:30am and the diffuse glow was mesmerizing.  I was completely entranced.  Having no signs of life around certainly helped give a sense of isolation and calm.  In looking at the photos I could brighten them up to level out the exposure but my intention is to convey how the morning felt – this is pretty close to it.


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Art in the Wild: Reach

The first print to go at my recent showing in Art in the Alley was Reach to the amazingly talented Eryn O’Neil.  I’ve worked on this shot over the past few years and never quite felt it was right until a few months ago.  I’m stoked to have Eryn be the first to have it hang on a wall.


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