Documentary & Environmental Photographer

Located in Canada's capital - Ottawa.

Rural Adventures

I managed to head out to the country early this morning in the hopes of beautiful sunrise for a location I’ve been eyeing for months. It didn’t quite pan out as I had expected but I was pleased with the results nonetheless. Overcast needn’t be a wasted trip – sometimes it’s helpful to look at these conditions as an opportunity to challenge your typical shooting style.
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The past couple of mornings in Ottawa have been incredible. It’s fog season – cool nights with warm days. That means a couple of hours each morning where you’ll find photographers, amateur and pro alike, out in fields or stopped along pathways taking photos of a beautiful sunrise and the mist that comes along with it. I’ve seen some incredible shots over the past week in my Flickr, Instagram,
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The (Autumn) Eagle had landed.

I took a rare opportunity this past long weekend to drive up to Calabogie with Younes Bounhar (@younesbounhar) to take some shots of the sunset at Eagle’s Nest.  For those who are unfamiliar with the location I suggest you head on over to Flickr and take a peek at some of the shots folks have captured – amazing location. We arrived with about 20 minutes of golden light left peeking over the hills and on t
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