Having woken up early on Saturday morning and not able to go back to sleep, I hopped into the car and headed west.  I wasn't entirely sure where my destination was going to be but when I'm in doubt 9/10 lately I'll take a right at the highway on-ramp.  It's been good to me over the past year or so.  This Saturday morning was no exception.

Being the start of Autumn I figured there would be fog somewhere.  It was 5C when I left at 5am and it still makes its  way to the 20s during the day.  Lots of moisture build, especially in marsh areas.  There was one road I recalled from a previous trip in August that I decided to drive along.  I didn't exactly recall the vast expanse of dead trees in a bog that is pictured below but I was quite happy to have 'found' it.

I've had the fortune to find a few foggy mornings in the past couple of months and am figuring out how I like to both shoot and process the photos.  My next step is to introduce a figure in the picture (likely me, to start) and see how well I can expose the scene and keep the detail I need in both foreground and further in the distance.